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SwimDraft Available

SwimDraft is no longer in beta! The full version is available on the Android Market. The latest version adds a workout search feature along with additional stability. The web interface is also in active development and has numerous enhancements. More features coming soon! Please email me at for more information.

Posted by: benuphoff | January 30, 2012

SwimDraft Free vs. SwimDraft Pro

As of this week there are two versions of SwimDraft available on the Android Market: SwimDraft Free and SwimDraft Pro. You should try out SwimDraft Free to see if the app is compatible with your device (HTC phones seem to be problematic for some reason). When you upgrade from Free to Pro all your workout information will be automatically transferred as the same system is used to store data in the cloud. SwimDraft Free is currently different from SwimDraft Pro in two critical ways: advertisements and search.

Advertising in SwimDraft Free

As SwimDraft has grown (over 1000 users on the old Beta version) the cost of maintaining it has begun to outgrow its free hosting tier on Goolge App Engine. To support future growth I have placed ads in SwimDraft Free. SwimDraft Pro is 100% ad-free. Hopefully the success of the Pro version will someday allow me to remove ads from the Free version.

Workout Search in SwimDraft Pro

SwimDraft Pro contains a search feature, accessible from the Find Workouts menu item. This menu item exists in the Free version but will notify you that Find Workouts is a Pro feature. Click Yes on the message dialog and the app will take you to SwimDraft Pro on the Android Market.  The Find Workouts option allows you to search for swim workouts that other SwimDraft users have marked as Shared in the workout editor. You can select a target distance or duration and Find Workouts that match your ability. You can also search by email address. For example if your coach is using SwimDraft, Free or Pro, you can find your team’s workouts without reentering the workout. A future post on this site will discuss how to best use this feature.

Additional Features in the Future

I am activly soliciting feedback for more enhancements to SwimDraft. New features will likely be added to the Pro version of the app. Please contact me at if you have ideas or suggestions. I’d love to hear from you.


Posted by: benuphoff | March 24, 2011

Using the Workout Editor

If you are new to SwimDraft, make sure you have read through the Getting Started documentation before reading this post. The purpose of this page is to give you an overview on how to use the Workout Editor. The editor is launched whenever you chose to Edit or create a New Workout workout from the Workout tab. Here’s what you’ll see after touching New Workout:

Start by entering a name for this workout so you can identify it in the Workouts tab and in the web interface. You can then click the pool type button. It should display your default pool type (Short Course Yards – SCY -, Short Course Meters – SCM – or Long Course Meters – LCM). Clicking the button will let you change the pool type for this workout. You can set your default pool type by selecting the Preferences menu from the Workout tab.

After setting the name and pool type, edit the date and time as shown below. You can adjust the values with the + and buttons or edit the values directly.

Now you are ready to create a Set. Select the Add Set menu to add your Warm Up. You will now see the Set Editor screen shown below. A Set is a group of Swims that make up your Workout. Your workout must have at least one Set but a common pattern would be to have a Warm Up, Transition, Main Set and Cool Down. Of course this is entirely up to you.

Name the set in a way that will make it easy to follow when you are looking at a print out at the pool. In this example we are creating a Warm Up that will be run through just once so we will leave Reps at one. Increasing Reps will cause whatever Swims we add to this set to be repeated the number of time equal to the value of Reps. Next touch Add Swim to create the first swim: 4×200 on 3:30. The screen shot below shows the Swim Editor with values set to create this swim.

Touch OK to save this swim and return to the Set Editor. The list of sets will now contain a single item as shown below.

Now you are ready to add the Transition set. Repeat the steps in creating the warm up but instead call the set Transition and set Reps to 2. Then add two swims: 4×50 Stroke Kick on 1 and 4×50 Free Hard Desc on 50. Upon returning to the Workout Editor you should now see two sets as shown below.

Sets can be moved around by dragging the icon on the left of the Set up or down. The Set Editor works in the same way when reordering swims. Touch the OK button to return to the Workouts Tab and that’s it; you’ve created a workout. Now touch the workout you just created to view it. Here is the workout after a main set was added:

Now you are ready for the pool. If you need to print out the workout, go to the SwimDraft web interface, click the link to this workout and print the page from your browser.

Posted by: benuphoff | March 21, 2011

Getting Started

To start creating and managing workouts with SwimDraft, install the Android application. When you launch the app for the first time you will see the Account Selection screen below:

Select the Google Account you’d like to use with SwimDraft. Once you select an account you will be presented with the User Information screen. This data is used for display purposes within the app and web interface only and will never be shared with a third party. If you are worried about privacy, put in some made up information here. This information can be edited within the app’s Preferences (opened from the Workouts tab menu).

Click OK when you have entered your information. You will now see the main application screen (shown here after touching the Menu button on the phone):

That’s it! You are set up and ready to start logging swim workouts. There isn’t much to do until you have created a workout. Touch the New Workout menu item to enter the Workout Editor.

Posted by: benuphoff | March 20, 2011

SwimDraft Beta Available on Android Market

The initial release of SwimDraft is available as a beta release in the Android Market. Since this is the first release and the app is brand new it may have some quirks and bugs. That’s why it is called a beta (and its free too!).

Key features:

  • Create and edit an unlimited number of workouts
  • View performance metrics for your workouts
  • Share workouts with other swimmers via email right from your phone
  • Works in offline mode for those times that you are at the indoor pool and don’t have a reliable network connection
  • All workouts are stored online and can be accessed from the companion web site (
  • Workouts can be viewed and printed from your desktop computer via the web interface

Please send all comments or feedback to or feel free to comment on this blog. See the Feature Requests page to request new features for future versions.

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Welcome to the SwimDraft Homepage

Welcome to the homepage for SwimDraft, an Android app and website for creating, editing and tracking swimming workouts. This app is intended for swim coaches and serious competitive swimmers of all ages and skill levels. An Android-powered smartphone is required for creating and editing workouts.