Posted by: benuphoff | January 30, 2012

SwimDraft Free vs. SwimDraft Pro

As of this week there are two versions of SwimDraft available on the Android Market: SwimDraft Free and SwimDraft Pro. You should try out SwimDraft Free to see if the app is compatible with your device (HTC phones seem to be problematic for some reason). When you upgrade from Free to Pro all your workout information will be automatically transferred as the same system is used to store data in the cloud. SwimDraft Free is currently different from SwimDraft Pro in two critical ways: advertisements and search.

Advertising in SwimDraft Free

As SwimDraft has grown (over 1000 users on the old Beta version) the cost of maintaining it has begun to outgrow its free hosting tier on Goolge App Engine. To support future growth I have placed ads in SwimDraft Free. SwimDraft Pro is 100% ad-free. Hopefully the success of the Pro version will someday allow me to remove ads from the Free version.

Workout Search in SwimDraft Pro

SwimDraft Pro contains a search feature, accessible from the Find Workouts menu item. This menu item exists in the Free version but will notify you that Find Workouts is a Pro feature. Click Yes on the message dialog and the app will take you to SwimDraft Pro on the Android Market.  The Find Workouts option allows you to search for swim workouts that other SwimDraft users have marked as Shared in the workout editor. You can select a target distance or duration and Find Workouts that match your ability. You can also search by email address. For example if your coach is using SwimDraft, Free or Pro, you can find your team’s workouts without reentering the workout. A future post on this site will discuss how to best use this feature.

Additional Features in the Future

I am activly soliciting feedback for more enhancements to SwimDraft. New features will likely be added to the Pro version of the app. Please contact me at if you have ideas or suggestions. I’d love to hear from you.



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