SwimDraft: Swim workout log for serious swimmers and coaches.

SwimDraft lets you track your swim workouts and share your workouts with others from your Android smartphone. You can email workouts you have written to friends or members of your team. SwimDraft is perfect for swim coaches on deck creating workouts and age group swimmers and masters who would like to track their training over time. If you have ever wanted to keep a training log for swimming this is the app for you.

Key features:

  • Create and edit an unlimited number of workouts
  • View performance metrics for your workouts
  • Share workouts with other swimmers via email right from your phone
  • Works in offline mode for those times that you are at the indoor pool and don’t have a reliable network connection
  • All workouts are stored online and can be accessed from the companion web site
  • Workouts can be viewed and printed from your desktop computer via the web interface

About the Author

My name is Ben Uphoff and I wrote this app because I have always wanted a way to track my workouts but have never seen an alternative other than a spreadsheet. Since I always have my phone with me at the pool it just makes sense to track my workouts right after I do them at the pool. I swam all through college and am an active Masters swimmer as well. I have coached summer league, club and high school. When I am not at the pool or playing with my dogs and kids I am an assistant professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Additional Information

A Google Account (GMail) is required to use this app and take advantage of the web interface and workout sharing capabilities. This beta version is free to use. Please send me feedback at uphoff@gmail.com to help improve this app.

Your personal information will never be used for anything other than providing you access to the services provided by SwimDraft.


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